VOTED “Best Green Company to Work For!”
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Westwood Laboratories is an award-winning pioneer of Green Manufacturing in the United States. The company is the first 100% solar-powered manufacturing facility in Azusa, California.

    The company conducted a “green retrofit” of its original facility at 710 South Ayon Avenue, bringing it to “Gold Level” standards, and later broke ground on its recently-completed “Platinum Level” green building at 766 South Ayon Avenue, completed in 2010 (standards as recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council). Along with high-performing solar panel arrays, the firm’s buildings include:

    Compunding -High-efficiency lighting system, controlled by a software system that automatically turns off lamps throughout the buildings when not in use.

    -State-of-the-art Powerlink™ Energy Management System that control the climate and monitors the entire energy system usage for optimal efficiency.

    -Electric motors used in manufacturing were re-wired with new variable frequency drives for a 30% energy savings.

    -The roofs were upgraded to "Title 24" compliance with foam insulating barriers with reflective coating, resulting in a 15 degree drop in interior temperaturesCompunding.

    -High-efficiency air conditioning units were installed, utilizing R-410A earth-friendly coolant; a unique Fabric Sock duct system inflates as the system turns on to efficiently distribute optimal airflow through the large manufacturing area.

    The combined solar powerplants on the Westwood Laboratories campus generate 210,000 kilowatts of energy annually, equivalent to 148 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. This incredible "carbon footprint" would be equal to removing annual greenhouse gas emissions from 31 passenger vehicles, or equal to 17,000 gallons of gasoline consumption!

Cheryl Kohorst, Chief Financial Officer: "We are extremely proud of our role in sustainable energy, but our commitmentCheryl Kohorst, Chief Financial Officer goes beyond the solar panels on our building’s roofs. We brought in consultants to look at every detail, and we made many upgrades to our climate control, lighting system and infrastructure. It was a significant investment, but it has paid off in so many ways for our company and our environment."